Friday, January 20, 2012

Being in the Moment

This post is part of an endeavor by Rowan Pendragon which she calls the Pagan Blog Project. She has done a wonderful job in keeping what has grown into hundreds of us bloggers, beginner to advanced, organized and on task. Thanks Rowan.
This week has been busy, and I have spent a lot of time working on projects to bring in future business for my burgeoning source of personal income. As a result, I had not clearly decided on a topic for this week’s Pagan Blog Project. In fact, I almost decided to skip it; but, I started reading some of the other posts and suddenly I was inspired. In fact, I have Iris Firemoon of  The Firefly Chronicles to thank for getting my mind primed for the topic. Her article on Blessings started me thinking about how I could not see my blessings clearly if I were not Being in the moment. Duh, you might say, and my logical brain knows this; but, somehow I always find myself saying, “When ________ happens, then I will feel ________”, (you can fill in the blank, but most often it is happy or blessed for me).
So what does “Being in the Moment” mean? For me it means giving myself permission to enjoy every bite of that rich chocolate brownie without scolding myself over how big my butt is, or spend time in the company of my dear friend without beating yourself up over what the laundry that needs to be done. It means giving me permission to make my exercise routine enjoyable. And it means taking care of me by actually participating in an exercise routine and not worrying about the schedule. It also mean knowing when the moment has passed and understanding that there is a new moment to be welcomed, like now, when it is time for me to start the laundry, and feel blessed for the opportunity. 

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