Friday, January 27, 2012

B is for Blog

It’s a quarter after one and I can’t sleep now. I know, not very imaginative, but true. I decided since I couldn't sleep, I’d read through some of the fabulous blogs that have been written over the last week, and I was so impressed with some of the writing and most of the content that I was inspired for this week’s article. B is for Blog.

Are there any of you out there who do not know what a Blog is? If you are reading this, I would say the answer is "no"; but, just in case you have stumbled on this from a Google or some other web search, a blog is like an online journal or "web-log", usually written by a single author. Writing a blog is something that first caught my interest as a small business owner. Most of the networking groups I visited suggested it as a way of "getting your name out there". It is a common business practice these days. It is also quite common to find blogs on almost any topic you can think of; hobbies, politics, health and fitness, religion, and the list goes on.

The author usually determines the content, though in this case the content for this article is prompted by Rowan Pendragon's idea, The Pagan Blog Project. (if you would like to see more of these articles, check out the group on Facebook). I have been following the Green Witch path for about ten years now, at least consciously. I think I was born following it, but it was educated out of me at a tender age and I did not become reacquainted with it until I was beginning my Crone years.  I use both the terms, “Green Witch” and “Crone” more as descriptors than labels, as I find labels so limiting. Anyway, once I accepted that this was the path that resonated with my heart, I felt like I had a lifetime of learning to do. One of the tools that has helped me the most is the internet and specifically the personal blogs of those that have walked the same path for far longer and have gained wisdom as well as those newer who have that fiery eagerness to learn more. There are articles that cause me to stop, think, and do more research; articles that touch my heart with joy and sadness through the telling of personal experience; and there are others which call me to connect with the author and get better acquainted.

This project has brought together an eclectic group of writers whose life experience and skills vary as much as the topics chosen to write on each week. And each week, I find authors whose articles speak to me, whether it is on a spiritual practice, a special ritual or spell, a particular herb, gemstone, or Goddess. More importantly, this collective is a demonstration that we are not "alone in the world", that we are more numerous than we thought. Another interesting side benefit is the virtual Book of Shadows we are generating each week.

For all of the positive benefits, I feel that I would be remis if I did not advise caution, and the use of discretion when reading. We should never blindly accept or follow another's path. What is provided here are individual experiences and research. Use it for your own research, or take it for a test drive before making it "yours".

Happy Blogging and Blessed Be.

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  1. I love your journal cover! I don't think it's unimaginative. Blogging's helped me grow a lot, thus I consider it to be a part of my path. Though I can do without. It's still fun to share experiences and learn/be inspired by others. ~)O(~