Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wish-Casting Wednesday

Wish-casting Wednesday is a little project from Jamie Ridler Studios that helps us to focus on an aspect of our our lives we want to work with. It is a weekly exercise and there are numerous talented writers who share their talents and thoughts. This week's prompt is:

What do you wish to Attract?

Like attracts like, or so they say.  So it would seem that attraction is an interactive process. In a few words, I wish to attract order, positive energy, and balance into my life. When I reflect on my opening comment, I realize that if these are the conditions that I truly want in my life, I must remain in the now with order, positivity, and balance. Oh, believe me, there is a much longer list of things that are out of order, out of balance, and that have a negative impact on my well being, but to spend the energy focused on this list would only attract more of that kind of energy (that’s the law, right). So what I wish to attract into my live, what I want in abundance, would be more order, more positive energy, and more balance. All things that are present at this very moment and attracting the abundance I seek.