Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wish-Casting Wednesday

Wish-casting Wednesday is a little project from Jamie Ridler Studios that helps us to focus on an aspect of our our lives we want to work with. It is a weekly exercise and there are numerous talented writers who share their talents and thoughts. This week's prompt is:

What do you wish to Attract?

Like attracts like, or so they say.  So it would seem that attraction is an interactive process. In a few words, I wish to attract order, positive energy, and balance into my life. When I reflect on my opening comment, I realize that if these are the conditions that I truly want in my life, I must remain in the now with order, positivity, and balance. Oh, believe me, there is a much longer list of things that are out of order, out of balance, and that have a negative impact on my well being, but to spend the energy focused on this list would only attract more of that kind of energy (that’s the law, right). So what I wish to attract into my live, what I want in abundance, would be more order, more positive energy, and more balance. All things that are present at this very moment and attracting the abundance I seek.

Friday, January 27, 2012

B is for Blog

It’s a quarter after one and I can’t sleep now. I know, not very imaginative, but true. I decided since I couldn't sleep, I’d read through some of the fabulous blogs that have been written over the last week, and I was so impressed with some of the writing and most of the content that I was inspired for this week’s article. B is for Blog.

Are there any of you out there who do not know what a Blog is? If you are reading this, I would say the answer is "no"; but, just in case you have stumbled on this from a Google or some other web search, a blog is like an online journal or "web-log", usually written by a single author. Writing a blog is something that first caught my interest as a small business owner. Most of the networking groups I visited suggested it as a way of "getting your name out there". It is a common business practice these days. It is also quite common to find blogs on almost any topic you can think of; hobbies, politics, health and fitness, religion, and the list goes on.

The author usually determines the content, though in this case the content for this article is prompted by Rowan Pendragon's idea, The Pagan Blog Project. (if you would like to see more of these articles, check out the group on Facebook). I have been following the Green Witch path for about ten years now, at least consciously. I think I was born following it, but it was educated out of me at a tender age and I did not become reacquainted with it until I was beginning my Crone years.  I use both the terms, “Green Witch” and “Crone” more as descriptors than labels, as I find labels so limiting. Anyway, once I accepted that this was the path that resonated with my heart, I felt like I had a lifetime of learning to do. One of the tools that has helped me the most is the internet and specifically the personal blogs of those that have walked the same path for far longer and have gained wisdom as well as those newer who have that fiery eagerness to learn more. There are articles that cause me to stop, think, and do more research; articles that touch my heart with joy and sadness through the telling of personal experience; and there are others which call me to connect with the author and get better acquainted.

This project has brought together an eclectic group of writers whose life experience and skills vary as much as the topics chosen to write on each week. And each week, I find authors whose articles speak to me, whether it is on a spiritual practice, a special ritual or spell, a particular herb, gemstone, or Goddess. More importantly, this collective is a demonstration that we are not "alone in the world", that we are more numerous than we thought. Another interesting side benefit is the virtual Book of Shadows we are generating each week.

For all of the positive benefits, I feel that I would be remis if I did not advise caution, and the use of discretion when reading. We should never blindly accept or follow another's path. What is provided here are individual experiences and research. Use it for your own research, or take it for a test drive before making it "yours".

Happy Blogging and Blessed Be.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Being in the Moment

This post is part of an endeavor by Rowan Pendragon which she calls the Pagan Blog Project. She has done a wonderful job in keeping what has grown into hundreds of us bloggers, beginner to advanced, organized and on task. Thanks Rowan.
This week has been busy, and I have spent a lot of time working on projects to bring in future business for my burgeoning source of personal income. As a result, I had not clearly decided on a topic for this week’s Pagan Blog Project. In fact, I almost decided to skip it; but, I started reading some of the other posts and suddenly I was inspired. In fact, I have Iris Firemoon of  The Firefly Chronicles to thank for getting my mind primed for the topic. Her article on Blessings started me thinking about how I could not see my blessings clearly if I were not Being in the moment. Duh, you might say, and my logical brain knows this; but, somehow I always find myself saying, “When ________ happens, then I will feel ________”, (you can fill in the blank, but most often it is happy or blessed for me).
So what does “Being in the Moment” mean? For me it means giving myself permission to enjoy every bite of that rich chocolate brownie without scolding myself over how big my butt is, or spend time in the company of my dear friend without beating yourself up over what the laundry that needs to be done. It means giving me permission to make my exercise routine enjoyable. And it means taking care of me by actually participating in an exercise routine and not worrying about the schedule. It also mean knowing when the moment has passed and understanding that there is a new moment to be welcomed, like now, when it is time for me to start the laundry, and feel blessed for the opportunity. 

Friday, January 13, 2012

A is for Athena

I joined in the Pagan Blog Project in an effort to expand my spiritual knowledge. Up until I found Rowan Pendragon's little project, I found myself constantly saying, "I need to find time too______". Even with the first post, I fell back on something I knew rather than exploring a new topic. Disappointed in myself, I did some thoughtful reflection and decided that I want to become better acquainted with Goddesses that have been revered throughout history and how they connect with different cultures. This is not a new endeavor for me, but a re-awakening of a desire to know that I have not followed through on in the past. In fact, a few years back, I took the "Goddess Quiz" () hoping to find a starting point. Looking back, I remember that it was Athena who was identified as my primary Goddess archetype.  I had always planned to "find time" to get better acquainted with her, so this exercise has opened the door.
Athena is a Greek Goddess, but I found that she might have roots in Egypt; at least Plato thought so.  He identified her as the Goddess Neith, who held sway over warfare and later weaving. Plato believed that Athena was born when Greek and Egyptian cultures began to exchange ideas. To me, this verifies the Universality of many spiritual beliefs and says that my sister Goddess has been around for a really long time.
Athena is most identified as the Goddess of War. Taken at its face value, that title just didn't seem to fit with me. Now, after research, I can see it a little better. While the title sounds ominous, her expertise was in the wisdom of war, understanding methods and strategies. Athena preferred to settle issues through diplomacy rather than battle. When viewed in this light, I can see the similarity. I have often found myself in a leadership role, asked to make discussions and settle issues between individuals or groups.  My chosen method in settling these matters has always been contemplation of the facts, a review of precedence, and what the circumstances called for. A show of force has never been appealing to me, though if forced, I do know how to stand my ground.
I was very interested to find that Athena and I are more alike in later life, when she was credited with being the first to teach the science of numbers and was heavily involved in with craft work, especially weaving, spinning, metal work, and cooking. Again, a connection. I have always felt a connection to craft work and learned many of the skills when I was younger. Now, in my Crone years, I have taken those skills and have built a business that is grounded in this area. I find joy everyday in sewing, designing jewelry, crocheting, and yes, even preparing simple meals.
The descriptions given Athena paint a picture of a woman who was comfortable with both the female and male aspects of her personality. This is another connection, as I have always considered myself to be  a mixture of "tomboy" and "girly-girl". In fact, my husband will be the first to tell you, "if it's broken, take it to Paula". I am as handy with the drill and saw as I am the needle and thread.
The research for this article has helped me to better see the connection I have with Athena. There may or may not be similar connections as I continue to work my way down the list of Goddesses, but I am eager to explore them more deeply.

Friday, January 6, 2012


When looking over the list of possible topics for this first post in the Pagan Blog Project, the word, “affirmation” jumped out for me. I have been working with affirmations on a regular basis for the last year and it has made a huge difference in my daily outlook on life and how I handle difficult situations, so naturally I wanted to share this with the world and especially those of you participating in this group.
Okay, now, where do I start? This blank computer screen is screaming at me to be filled. My minds is racing with sentence fragments and oh, wait, now there is a traffic jam up there and I can’t even form a complete sentence!  
After a few deep breaths, I realize that there may be some of you that haven’t seen or worked with affirmations, so let’s start by defining the word. Simply typing the word in the Google search bar yields hundreds of sites, with thousands of possibilities, but I want to start at for a clearing understanding of the word. Here we find that the word in derived from the Latin affirmation (with several accent markings with make it sound way more Latin) which stems from affirmation and is first know to have been used in the early to mid 1500’s. In further defining the term, states, “the assertion that something exists or is true, the action or an instance of affirming”.
Good, so now we know that an affirmation is a positive statement or thought about something’s (a trait, habit, environment) existence. For instance, repeating to yourself, “I am beautiful” or “I have everything I need”.

When I first started my practice, I found it difficult to wake up every morning and think of something positive to say about myself or my life situation, and I even scoffed at any benefit that might truly be derived from doing so on a regular basis. It was important for me to make some changes, so I started by simply reading the affirmations posted daily on Facebook by others. Gradually, my attitude started to change. As my attitude changed, my life changed. Then the ego jumped in and whispered, “okay, your good to go, you don’t need to do this anymore”, and I listened. Crash!
I don’t want to turn this into a long tale with me as the central character. What I want to say is that this is a practice; it takes daily involvement, mindfulness and intention if you will, in order to see results. It is the Magic of words that give us the power to heal ourselves and others. That’s right. Affirmations don’t just have to be personal statements; they can include others and be as simple as Blessed Be. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Thank You

Hi there and thank you to Julie, Carinrowe, KitchenWitch, Mohrade, Witchfire, and Sue for already becoming followers. I will be spending a little time this evening checking out a few more of the bloggers who have joined this great Pagan Blog Project, so if I haven't already become a follower of your blog, I will soon be. Just a suggestion to all who participating, please leave a comment with your blog link when you become a follower. In doing this, it simplifies returning the compliment. And I do consider it a compliment when any of you choose to follow my musings. Thank you again. I am sooo excited to read all of the articles you all write and post each Friday.